‘Pineal’ is out!

‘Pineal’ is out!

‘Pineal’ is out!

Finally, the big day has come! Pineal is now available to order online, buy on iTunes and in selected stores around the world.

The two snakes
Pineal is in two parts representing the two diverse worlds to which I equally feel connected to. These worlds interweave, sometimes blending with each other and others feeding each other. The first is the world I am more consciously familiar with, the intense western megalopolis with its progress, aspirations and failures. The second is the primal world of magic, the jungle and the sacred medicines, a world bathed in mystery and awe. Pineal has come in a moment of my life in which I feel the need to embrace and connect both, as I have accepted and unified the diversities of my own existence. Pineal brings together sounds from the Kaxinawá or Quechua tribes of the Amazon with my personal reflections of the ever evolving alternative tribes of the industrial cities. Pineal is PAN in every way.

The circle of people
Pineal features an unusual and colourful combination of artists, including Marc Almond (official), Ernesto Tomasini, BIRD RADIO, and ethereal vocalists Rita Belo and Meg Ella Brooks. It brings indigenous shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa, together with 3 choirs, a classical, a gospel and our own little ‘Ayahuasca’ choir. The music is performed by the skillful hands of tuned in instrumentalists while Christopher Bracher, with award winning mastering engineer John Dent, sculpted the final sound with the finest attention to detail.

The artwork
Pineal is in many ways inseparable from its artwork, created by ‘Dawn Yet To Come’ director Predrag Pajdic. Predrag’s visually enchanting photography gives the project an air of completion and multidimensionality. The intro text, lyrics and extended credit section on the other hand helps the listener to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the project. Sital Aki’s (of Once Punto Dos) design, neatly puts together the informative and visual constituents.

The offerings
As Pineal is a result of invaluable inner explorations through Ayahuasca ceremonies and as I become increasingly more a bit of a consciousness warrior, I have decided to donate 10% of the profits of this album to the The Beckley Foundation. Beckley does cutting-edge scientific research on the healing effects of psychoactive substances and works towards drug policy reforms worldwide.
The Kaxianwá people of the Amazon, who have inspired this project and who have allowed me to transform their sacred Pasha Dume Icaro to an explosive techno track will get another 10% of this album’s profits.

Pineal is released by Strike Force Entertainment.

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