Papa Loko with Voicedrone, Othon, Candi Bianca & Tom & Jarrod, 18 March

Papa Loko with Voicedrone, Othon, Candi Bianca & Tom & Jarrod, 18 March

Papa Loko with Voicedrone, Othon, Candi Bianca & Tom & Jarrod, 18 March

Papa is back at Electrowerkz for a visionary night of soul-shaking techno, deep multicultural sounds & and inner-city wilderness!
We are very excited to have two Papa Loko debuts for March; Voicedrone’s underground techno and electronica sound, filled with vintage synths, drum machines and classic effect units such as Roland’s Space Echo is gaining momentum, with his ‘Emotional Disorder EP’ catching the ears of Dixon, KiNK, Dennis DJ, Mano Le Tough and the attention of numerous UK Radio shows. His productions and sets are carefully crafted and are not short of surprises.
Tom&Jarrod are pretty new to the scene but nevertheless, they have performed their deep multicultural and house tunes both in the UK and abroad. Their spirit is in resonance with Loko and this is going to be their first London gig, something which we are very excited about!
There is hardly an introduction needed for Candi Bianca and the party’s founder Othon who will do their best to deliver the finest, deepest and most-exciting techno sounds around, Loko style.

Line Up:
Tom[&]Jarrod (11-1.00am)
Candi Bianca (1-2.30am)
Voicedrone (2.30-4.30am)
Othon (4.30-6.00am)

Heart-Chakra Focus:
The focus for March will be the conscious and collective opening of the Anahata (heart) chakra, the centre of love, inclusiveness and unity. If you would like to take this party experience to another level, just be part of this small experiment and focus on giving kindness, beauty and a smile to everyone around you during the night.The dance floor will be flooded with love and our party will be transformed to a big quantum spaceship of light!
Please note that we have extended the party for an hour and will now be finishing at 6am

For more info, check out the Facebook event.

Tickets here

***New ‘Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy Continues and Evolves for this party – Please Read This Before Coming!!!***
In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we have decided to give once more the possibility to those of us that cannot afford to party a chance to do it! So.. there will be an allocated number of 20 tickets in total, which will be given for free to those of you who truly can’t afford to pay the minimum £10 advance entry (or the £8 early bird). In order to make this possible and simplify things, the advance ticket price will be the same as previously (£10) until the evening of the event, but the door entry will increase from £13 to £15. So, please try to make an effort and buy your tickets from Resident Advisor if you want to buy your tickets cheaper. In case you prefer to buy your tickets on the door, you will be doing something nice by helping paying towards the tickets of those 20 boys and girls that would like to be with us but can’t afford it.

Ticket Options:
Advance: £10 (£8 Early Bird)
Door: £15
plus: 20 Allocated Tickets for Free Entry: Please message us on Facebook if you genuinely cannot afford a ticket.

Art by Mr. Piper
Artwork design by Gabriel Toso
Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be

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