Othon Mataragas


Othon’s sonic universe is vibrating with transcending pianos, cosmic beats, and acoustic and electronic instruments alike, sometimes occupying their own space, others mixed together and playing in tandem. With driven emotional force, his music aims to connect us both to our external environment and the depths of our Selves. On the dancefloor, Othon’s genre-bending and soul-expansive DJ sets have quickly made his party night ‘Papa Loko’ one of London’s most unique and sought-after underground techno nights.

A composer, pianist, DJ, producer, party promoter and founder of his new Conscious Expansion record label, Othon is a multifaceted creative and constantly evolving artist.

Born in Athens, Othon trained and performed as a classical pianist receiving several awards and distinctions. Having a somewhat revolutionary and uncompromising personality, he felt increasingly unfitting with the then conservative Athenian music scene and soon emigrated to London to study music at the Royal College of Music and later at Trinity College as a Leverhulme scholar.

In London, Othon became fascinated with the avant-garde and experimental ideas of both art and composition and he was soon working with influential musical artists and bands such as David Tibet/Current 93, Peter Christopherson (co-founder of the industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and Coil), Ernesto Tomasini and Marc Almond with whom he formed a collaborative relationship that lasts to this day. At the same time, he was commissioned work by cutting-edge performance artists such as Ron Athey and Franko B and performed his music in world renown UK venues such as The Roundhouse and the National Portrait Gallery, and toured in Europe.

Being a seeker as much as a musician, Othon travelled to the Brazilian wilderness in 2012, where he participated in a series of mind-altering Ayahuasca ceremonies led by indigenous healers, that were to change his perception of life and relationship to music forever. During these ceremonies he was showed, through sometimes painful moments of inner realisation, that he had to break away from his academic influences and pre-existing subconscious programming and move towards more expansive, spiritual and electronically-infused sound. That led him to an incredible journey of self-discovery and artistic development, collaborating with Amazonian shamans, playing at some of the UK’s leading parties and venues and creating the successful, pivotal and soon to be international event ‘Papa Loko’; a one-of-a-kind gathering that brings cosmic soundscapes and emerging musical talent together with self-expansive spiritual concepts and a meditation group led by Othon.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and a packed concert at the Tate Modern, where he featured artist and Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmans as his special guest, Othon completed his latest and first truly solo album. ‘The God Within’, which features original artwork by renown British artist Dan Hillier, revisits Othon’s much loved instrument, the piano, albeit form a completely fresh perspective.

Othon is currently working on numerous projects including writing the music for Against Nature, a collaborative show between Marc Almond, poet Jeremy Reed and himself, commissioned by Barbican and to be performed in London and internationally from 2021.