Othon Pan Muzik


Dawn yet to come

The first Pineal video directed by Predrag Pajdic and feat. Ernesto Tomasini, is now out for you to enjoy, share and spread to the world! Through our own community of friends and unashamed life riders, this video creates a testament of significant transient times in London, Paris, Bahia and the world at large, where the waters are stirring and the inner lights are switching on, bringing the new ‘Dawn’ of self-acceptance and selfless community bonding, a little bit closer. A massive thanks to Predrag Pajdic, Lois Froud, Sebastian Collins and Dr. Sharkey who worked crazy hours to make this happen and a big thanks to all of you who are part of it one way or another.


Director: Predrag Pajdic

Director of Photography: Lois Froud (HaloisProductions.com)
Editing: Predrag Pajdic & Sebastian Collins
Post-Production: Dr. Sharkey at strip.fm
Shot on locations in Paris, London, Salvador and Algodoes, Bahia, Brazil
Year of Production 2013/2014
Participants:Lee Adams, Andro Andrex, Ron Athey, Sage Charles, Rob Cyberpunk, Dahc Dermur (aka Chadd Curry), Hector de Gregorio, Nikolas Kasinos, Bruce LaBruce, Ennio Nobili, Hermes Pittakos, Mona Ruijs, Alex Schmidt, Anthony Thévenoux, Ernesto Tomasini, Gabriel Toso, Eva Vortex, Hannes Weymann and Carlos + Gaby, the two adorable pythons staying with Bruno Autin.

Ernesto Tomasini’s make up and headpiece: Hermes Pittakos.
Tomasini’s styling: Andrei Yakovlev Mich.
Tomsini’s costume: Alexandra Groover

Othon - Tayti (feat. shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano & Jessica Ramirez Seopa)

This is one of the two tracks in which I am collaborating with indigenous shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa, taken from my forthcoming new album ‘Pineal’, to be released on June 23 by Strike Force Entertainment. Pineal was conceived and created during, in-between and after a series of life-transforming Ayahuasca ceremonies in Brazil. Javier’s Icaros’ magical power and in particular, Tayti and Puca Puca (also appearing on Pineal) stayed with me guiding me long after the aforementioned ceremonies. Sung just with the shakapa and the rattlers, it was an open invitation for me to put music on them and I was humbled when Javier & Jessica open-heartedly agreed to be guest stars in my album. The two Ayahuasqueros were the first two people to record for what was going to be a mammoth project, which made perfect sense as Mother Ayahuasca was the first to bless it.
I am very grateful to Ken at http://youtube.com/hdcolors for both allowing me to use and for editing the kaleidoscope visuals, appearing on this video. Ken and I will be collaborating to release another video from my new album, this time based on a Kaxinawá Icaro.
Though I worked with the two shamans in Brazil, you can find them in the Peruvian jungle through www.spiritualdimensions.org.

Please buy this album legally and help me help the Kaxinawá people of the Amazon and the Beckley Foundation which does cutting-edge research on the healing aspects of psychoactive substances and works on national and international drug policy reform http://www.beckleyfoundation.org/



The Dreamer is Still Asleep

Fan-video to a COIL cover by Othon with vocals by David Tibet.

Othon & Tomasini - Impermanence (Official Video 2012)

The official video for the song ‘Impermanence’ by Othon, sung by Ernesto Tomasini. The track is taken from the album of the same name, available now on Strike Force Entertainment through Cherry Red Records.

The video, with Othon Mataragas and Ernesto Tomasini, is directed by Chiara Ambrosio, make-up by Hermes Pittakos and choreography advice by Lorraine Smith.

Othon & Tomasini - Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes (Official Video 2012)

The official video for Othon & Tomasini ‘Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes’ from the album Impermanence. Directed by Peter Harton. The digital single featuring Marc Almond and Ernesto Tomasini is available to download from iTunes.