Spiritual Life Coaching

Welcome to my new Spiritual Life Coaching page!

Please take the time to read the text below and if it inspires you and would like me to work with you, email me on info@othonpanmuzik.com with the title ‘Spiritual Coaching Request’

Sound and Spirit

There is one central intention behind everything I do. Whether is through the music I create, the concerts I give or the DJ sets I perform, my wish is to create an environment in which healing and transformation can take place. Sound is a great tool for touching the deepest recesses of our Soul but it is only when sound is backed by Spirit that it becomes a potent tool for transformation. Actually, is not just the sound that transforms in the presence of ‘the God within’ but everything we do, from the most artistic to the most mundane. Once we are connected to the Infinite Source, we become powerful creators, whether we are bankers, lovers, musicians or mothers.

We are all artists

Though I am known to you as a music artist, my prime artwork is my life. In fact, we are all primarily life-artists, constantly creating and shaping our lives through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, whether we are conscious of it or not… Similarly, we all share one common goal for our lives and this is happiness. Of course, my idea of happiness might be different to yours, but we all want happiness in some way, according to our own interpretation of what happiness is.

The realm of wondrous, ever-changing bliss

Personally, I do not focus on happiness. Happiness is great but it can also be a bit prosaic for my liking. Instead my goal is to live in a state of continuous connection with the Divine, swimming in the seas of wondrous, ever-changing bliss, known in Yoga as Samadhi. When this bliss vibrates in every cell of the body, there is not even a point on thinking about happiness because happiness has come way before the bliss has arrived! Though I have not yet reached the states of continuous oneness, that often take lifetimes of dedicated work to realise, I am immensely grateful to have experienced being in the flow of ecstasy, sometimes for many hours and occasionally even days. Once one experiences the immense love of the Great Spirit in the temple of Silence, everything else pales in comparison and death becomes only the next stage of life.

Born to be ecstatic

The amazing thing is that we do not have to be special in any way to experience and live in bliss. It is available to all and, in fact, we are all called to live and operate from this blissful state, not just for ourselves but for those around us. It is common knowledge that we all pick up on each other’s vibrations and we all influence each other with our thoughts, words and actions. Remarkably, once we are tuned into that Divine Bliss, the Great Spirit, the Vortex or whatever you want to call It, it is hard for us to make a blunder or behave in a way that we would regret afterwards. Instead, we are generously directed towards what we need to do with our life, on every level. Loneliness and insecurities cease to exist as one realises that we are not alone; in this state of direct communion with the Master of the Universe, our thoughts, prayers and wishes are always heard and acted upon. The Great Spirit has been there for us always, but we are blinded with too many layers of impurities to notice.

Everything can change

Experiencing states of oceanic bliss can take lots and lots of work, strong willpower, time and dedication but the good thing is that as we work towards higher states of being, our lives start changing automatically and for the better on all aspects. Outwardly, things might look similar; same work, same partner, etc but inwardly everything will have shifted; if you still have the same work you will probably enjoy it way more than before and become considerably more creative with it, realising how much this work benefits you and others. If you have the same partner(s) you will start seeing that he/she/they are nothing but the Divine embodied in human form(s) and your love and love-making will reach heights that were previously unimaginable. In short, life becomes super sweet and you gradually become the very best version of yourself! On the other hand, if something is toxic for you and cannot be transformed to a higher form of energy, it would need to go or your progress will be hindered.

Create space and let go

One of the things I have learned through my own life and practice, is that we always need to create space if we want to welcome something new. If our heart and mind are full of clutter, there is simply not space to welcome fresh ideas or ways of being, no matter how wonderful or important they are. So one of the things I can help you with is to guide you towards discovering what needs to go from your life and help you develop the strength required to take the conscious action of letting go. Once you start releasing yourself from habits, patterns of thinking and states of mind that obstruct you from realising your True Nature, you will start flying to majestic and awe-inspiring heights with your own magic carpet.

Your body and mind will love you for it

In my own life, stress, anxieties and unnecessary worries had been major players until I completely exorcised them one by one, once and for all, through willpower, meditation, visualisation and earth-shaking affirmations. I say earth-shaking cause only when affirmations are coupled with absolute determination and willpower, and felt in every cell of our body with conviction, can become a reality at once. Though I practiced affirmations earlier in my life too, it was once I established a deep connection with my Higher Self through transcendental states of meditation, that they became powerful enough to release me from such lifelong torturers. If we end up working together, I will try and guide you towards discovering your inner powers too. It will take lots of work but the power you will have in your hands afterwards will worth every minute of it.

Health is largely created in your mind

Before I let go of the three poisonous states mentioned above, I was their victim not only in terms of my happiness, which was often clouded by their abusive presence, but of my health too. In fact, nearly all of my conditions, some of which were chronic, were directly created and sustained by anxiety and stress; panic attacks, eczema, painful lumps and infections under my arms and even bouts of high blood pressure (which was unusual for a relatively young and fit guy like me), all originated in these states of being… And how do I know? Cause I saw them disappearing one by one as soon as I started freeing myself from stress, anxiety and worry. I cannot even begin to describe you how much more light, playful and FUN my life became, free from these self-imposed plagues of contemporary humanity! Of course, I am not a robot and if something goes very wrong, I might still worry for a bit, at least enough to move and take the necessary action. Otherwise I do what I can and simply trust that the Cosmic Intelligence will take care of it all and guide me along the way so I do the right moves in my part and at the right time.

Our unique individual role

The first things we need to know are; why are we here? And, what is our role to play in this life? Each one of us has a unique role assigned and waiting to be discovered. This role can range from the conventional to super unconventional, as I have found out from my own experience and by carefully observing others. The main thing is that we work closely with the Supreme Consciousness to help us unveil carefully this role for us. By discovering our designated role and by doing our utmost to realise it gracefully and successfully, we align ourselves perfectly with the flow of creation. Some of us have a simple or private role to play and others a more complex or public one. Each role is important and has to be played rightly; only then long-lasting happiness can be achieved.

We are all inner alchemists

In this path to bliss, every experience can be used as a lesson to propel ourselves forward. Nothing should be wasted. We will develop inner strength by overcoming our weaknesses and we will see people that on the surface look like our enemies, as great teachers of love, kindness and compassion. Suffering can be a powerful source for transformation and an energy that can be used creatively. It is mainly through suffering that we decide to change things, improve and put an end to ignorant ways of being. Rather than getting stuck on the vibration of pain, we can use pain creatively and liberate ourselves from it through our own art, dancing, meditation and/or our life itself, which is our prime creation.

Discover your own Inner Voice

While inspiring you towards creating a life of bliss and Divine Resonance for yourself is my main goal, there are many other areas I could help you with, depending on the time we spend together and the work that you put in. Working on one’s self is a lifelong practice that requires love and dedication. It is said that 1 hour of working on yourself, translates to 7 hours of other ‘regular’ work in terms of its value. So, apart from all the other countless benefits, by working on yourself you actually gain time, even if just by being guided to make the right choices and take the right decisions. Nowadays, I only go with the Voice of my Inner Teacher before starting any new project or even before taking any major decisions. This Voice I always trust.

Areas I can help you with – living life to the fullest!

Living life to the fullest is our single most important duty. However, we should always remember that unless we are connecting to that Infinite Source of Energy for regular recharging, our own limited energy will soon finish and our inspiration will dry out. Establishing a firm connection to this stream of cosmic flow, can help you in every area of life and should be your number one goal. Until this happens, it is difficult to know where you are going, why and how. Traveling towards the Source is an incredible and magical journey and I can be there to gently (or not so gently) nudge you. Until you are ready to continue the journey alone, and for as long as my schedule allows, I can be there to help you in different areas including; discovering your own True Nature/Higher Self, gaining clarity towards your life purpose (expressed freely from society’s expectations and conventions!), harmonising yourself and your relationships, clearing energetic blockages and promote mental, emotional and physical health directly from within, freeing yourself from any habits and states of being you do not identify with that hinder your evolution, letting go of negative attitudes while giving space to divine inspiration and childlike playfulness, reconnecting with nature, healing yourself spiritually which would bring healing to your body too, self-discipline, self-control, self-mastery, concentration, will power, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual transformation, reconnecting to the sacred aspects of your sexuality and using sex as a force for transformation, plant ceremonies & psychedelic drugs integration, using the tools that are available to you for enhancing rather than destroying your life, moving towards true freedom and ultimately manifesting divinity in every aspect of your life.

I am not a Guru nor a Saint

I am not a guru nor a saint but I have been working several years on every single aspect of life mentioned above. Some things I have mastered while others I am close to. A couple still need plenty of work on my part but I work daily to get there. The greatest goal of ‘manifesting divinity in every aspect of life’ is nearly impossible to realise but only nearly. There have been great Masters who have shown us that even this is possible!

My journey to God

My interest in the unseen world goes almost as far as my interest in music. It is in the last 20 years however, that I consciously started exploring these realms. My practical experiments initially were in the field of the occult, joining initiatory orders such as the O.T.O. and the Rosicrucians (FRA) while at the same time exploring chaos and sexual magic(k).

Early on I also discovered meditation in the form of Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind). Though magic and the occult were certainly fascinating and added to my understanding of other levels of reality, it was through the diligent practice of meditation and pranayama (control of the life force through breathing) that I started seeing powerful healing, transformative and creative results. More recently, I came to realise that meditation, in its highest aspects and when one is identified with nothing but the creative force behind all creation, is the highest form of white magic.

Contrary to the purist view of many spiritual teachers, in my life, psychedelic drugs have been an integral part of my spiritual development and, in themselves, powerful teachers. My first truly transcendent spiritual experience was at Epping Forest, outside London, during an intense LSD trip, about 15 years ago. The whole journey that day was orchestrated by the invisible realm as some sort of initiation and when I eventually landed ‘accidentally’ in the most beautiful and unexpected open landscape with green rolling hills and a glorious sunshine, I experienced my first glimpses of what it meant to be one and not separate from the trees, the Earth Mother and the rest of creation. Matter did not appear to me as solid or static but as a dance of countless waves of energy merging with each other. Having been practicing meditation and yoga already for some time, though nowhere yet near to arrive to these states solely through my practice, I could understand my experience deeper and make sense of it all. As with all valuable spiritual experiences however, what matters most is whether they are accompanied by some tangible positive change within oneself. In this case, I was shown the way out of a situation that has been hanging on top of me for years and I was given all the courage to take the fearless decision to step out of it, which I did. These kind of breakthroughs happened to me several times since.

A significantly more major spiritual awakening came to me in a period that I was studying deeply the work of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, the Master of the Great White Brotherhood. In January 2012 and around the same time, my partner Gabriel I ended up in Brazil taking part in our first group of Ayahuasca ceremonies. These ceremonies had immense significance in my life; not only they revealed many things about myself, my music and the spiritual dimensions of the plant kingdom but most importantly cause on the last day I felt and saw with tears in my eyes the presence of the Supreme Being so strong and clear and so overflowing with love, that all my rationalisations about God being a heartless being or the projection of our own consciousness, dissolved there and then.

So I kept coming back to Brazil to drink more ‘medicine’ with different tribes and shamans and spend more time in the jungle, while at the same time I took my meditation practice a lot more seriously. In fact, I realised that I didn’t have to go to South America or drink Ayahuasca to experience the Divine. I could close my eyes in meditation in my humble living room and He/She was there, in the formless form of ecstasy! The work of Paramahansa Yogananda was pivotal in helping me to find God not just within me but also in ever person around me. When that started to happen I knew that though I was not in any way special, I was truly blessed.

My unique syncretic spiritual system

My work is observational and experiential. Though I have come across several teachings and spiritual paths, not every one of them rang truth to my ears or was harmonious with my inner feelings. Before I accepted anything blindly, I would examine it deeply with the power of intuition and put it to the test to see if it works. If it does and transform me in some way, I keep it and I work with it. If not, I let it go.

Though I studied a number of spiritual systems and the wok of some great Masters, I do not follow one exclusively. Instead, I have come to create my own syncretic system of spirituality that combines meditation, yoga, conscious psychedelic exploration, shamanism and white magic.This is not because a particular Teacher was not enough for me but because I have been guided so along the way by my own Inner Teacher, this part of Supreme Consciousness that resides within me and which now guides me directly. To the dismay of conservative religious people out there, the Supreme Consciousness has come to accept me for who I am, outwardly a naughty alternative music artist who organises queer and trans-friendly rave parties and inwardly someone who has come to love Him/Her/Them more than anything else in life.

Each of the systems mentioned above, I have explored and worked with individually before integrating it into my practice. Spiritual hoping from one practice to the other, while scratching only the surface each time, is a disease of our times and one that can result in spiritual draining and complete loss of inspiration. On that level of superficiality, simply nothing works.

The law of exchange

There is exchange in every aspect of life so that there can be some sort of balance. From our relationships to our transactions and from the subtle level of thought to the physical realm of matter, that’s how the universe works. You give me something and I give you something different but of equal value in return. How do we put a price though to some things that can potentially be priceless such as helping to transform one’s life according to their own true nature or guiding them towards endless inspiration, a stronger and healthier body, more happiness or even towards states of transcending all-pervading bliss?

In an ideal world, one should no ask for payment for helping others. In fact, my wish to share my knowledge has been so strong that two years ago I created The Field Group, Papa Loko’s inner meditation and ritual circle, in which I could share some of my experiences and learnings purely out of love, to those present. Being a coach however is a big time-consuming project that needs to co-exist somehow with my own creative work, Papa Loko and Conscious Expansion. Also, I keep reminding myself that I am not a guru in India supported by his devotees, but an artist living in contemporary London. It took me a while, but I came to accept that fair exchange is not unethical but necessary, for you and me to thrive.

Still, I am not yet willing to put a fixed price for this sacred work, not for the work itself and not for you either. Some of you are well off, others live comfortably, some get by and others are struggling to find money to buy the basic necessities. As long as I have the time and energy, I wish to help all of you with equal love and dedication. I am not sure how it would all work with my schedule, but I am open to private discussion and to find together an exchange that is fair to the value of the work, your own financial situation and my time. Honesty on all sides is paramount to long lasting relationships and especially to relationships like this.

Please read first, then contact me

Get in touch with me, only once you read everything on this page, you feel inspired from what is written and are serious about taking your life to the next level. You will also need to do the work and to be patient, if you want to see any results! I am still amazed on the sweet silliness of people sitting on their arses while they imagine themselves being spiritual adepts! Working on oneself and one’s life is the most important and the most rewarding work ever. If you haven’t gone deep enough already, you will discover that the Star Behind Stars is waiting for you hidden in the shadows, to become your greatest friend and secret accomplish.

Final disclaimer

With me you can be open and talk about everything, without me judging you. In my very intense life, I have done and seen things that would exceed the most vivid imagination. Who am I to judge you?

Though I am very excited about the idea of coaching some of you, I can only dedicate a small amount of time per week to do this work, so please be mindful of this. Also, it might be that in some time, I might not be able to have individual online meetings anymore. Having said that, my prime goal would be to empower You and lead You towards the discovery of Your own Inner Teacher. When that time arrives, I will not be needed anymore.