2 Innerscape Concerts in London!

2 Innerscape Concerts in London!

2 Innerscape Concerts in London!

“Silence the chatter of the mind, close your eyes and open the eyes of the Soul. Behold the vastness of the cosmic sea. Sail your boat through the life’s waves of joy and suffering. Hold your balance and focus on your true divine nature. Become the Wave Master until the waves stop. Then you will wake up from your dream and melt into Infinity”

With these mystical words, Othon encapsulates the intention behind his forthcoming album ‘The God Within’ which he will be presenting in two consecutive nights, at one of London’s most upcoming contemporary sacred spaces, The Old Baths.

Almost two years since his last London performance at the Tate Modern Othon and his new collaborator Owen Pratt of Uncanny Valley, through the mediums of the piano, electronic manipulation and sound design, will aim to create an emotionally expansive sound-world that reflects the inner journey of the Yogi-Meditator from Pratayahara (withdrawal of the senses) all the way to ‘Samadhi’, the blissful merging with the Absolute and the initiate’s highest goal.

These concerts will follow the groundbreaking concept of the album, where pre-composed music is merged seamlessly with channeled segments of never-to-be-repeated cosmic improvisations, creating a continuous journey of deeply emotive, healing and liberating sound.

Innerscape Circle, Timing & Vegan Food:

Prior to the performance, there will be a grounding interconnecting meditation circle to prepare our inner space for a more profound and transcendental soul-sailing experience.

Please make sure you arrive early and at the latest by 8.15pm for the circle to start at 8.30pm sharp. Due to the nature of this event, latecomers might not be able to get admission once the circle has started. There will be nurturing traditional vegan Greek food available at The Cafe, which will be open from 7.00 pm.

Get Tickets

Please note that apart from the Regular and Support Plus tickets, we have 10 free allocated tickets available for each night, for those who truly cannot afford one. Message us on Conscious Expansion facebook or instagram page to ask for availability if you honestly need one 🙂

Image by Hector de Gregorio

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