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Giving Tree Festival DJ Set, 1 September

Giving Tree Festival DJ Set, 1 September

There is a brand new eco/electronic/science/performance festival called The Giving Tree Festival happening this weekend, outside London, and just recently, I was invited to play!

For those of you that miss the open-air trance and psy trance parties with cool chill out stages check this one out! I will be doing a shamanic electronica/deep/multiculti set on Sunday around 5.30pm. Tickets are £125 currently but I can get a few discounted ones – just let me know 😉

Here are a few words about the festival..

‘The Giving Tree Festival is a new and intimate gathering of electronic music, interactive performance art, engaging theatrical themes and flawless show design. Set in a beautiful open air location less than 1 hour drive from London, The Giving Tree Festival will be an eco-friendly fusion of technology and nature, that will create a cohesive life style giving respect and honoring the planet and our fellow humans.’