Othon Mataragas


Othon’s sonic universe is vibrating with transcending pianos, cosmic beats, and acoustic and electronic instruments alike, sometimes occupying their own space, others mixed together and playing in tandem. With driven emotional force, his music aims to connect us both to our external environment and the depths of our Selves. On the dancefloor, Othon’s genre-bending and soul-expansive DJ sets have quickly made his party night ‘Papa Loko’ one of London’s most unique and sought-after underground techno nights.

In 2012, Othon experienced a deep spiritual epiphany, after attending his first series of psychoactive plant-medicine ceremonies in Brazil. This was to change both his perception on life and his understanding on music. Though he had composed and performed music previously, Othon wishes to highlight the distinction from the work he created prior and after 2012, the year which he now considers as his true starting point. ‘Pineal’ (2014) was released by Cherry Red Records/SFE and forms both a link to the past (with the album’s Part 1) and a new post-2012 beginning (Part 2). It features performances by past collaborators Marc Almond (Soft Cell) and Ernesto Tomasini together with Amazonian shamans Don Javier Shahuano & Jessica Ramirez Seopa and multi-instrumentalist Bird Radio. Pineal received several glowing reviews and a full page article in The Guardian Guide.

‘Kodama’, completed in winter 2017, was released exclusively to the supporters of his successful fundraising campaign, which has allowed him to start working without delay on his forthcoming  album ‘The God Within’, expected to be released in 2019. With this project, the composer completely abandons his past and dives deeper into the depths of his soul and sound re-connecting with his much loved instrument, the piano.

Othon has been performing both as a composer/pianist and a DJ in the UK and abroad. Most notably, in March 2017, he performed at London’s Tate Modern, invited by German artist and Tuner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmans and featuring Tillmans as his special guest. As a DJ he has been playing at major and underground venues and parties alike both in the UK and abroad, including headlining for the exclusive Red Room Party at the Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin, where he performed both as a pianist and a DJ, back to back.

Earlier, in 2015, Othon did a ‘Victorian Psychedelia’ soundtrack for the decadent book by Huysmans ‘A Rebours’, called ‘Against Nature’  together with Marc Almond and poet Jeremy Reed while, at the same time, launched his quarterly/bimonthly techno night ‘Papa Loko’ . More than just a party, the latter forms the manifestation of Othon’s deepest spiritual values. With a clear intention to keep its vibe authentic and untouched by commercialism often attached to big industry-name DJs, Papa Loko has become a unique night that brings the best of upcoming musical talent together with life-affirming spiritual concepts, creating a vibrant community that is both extremely diverse and connected.

Othon is extremely grateful to have collaborated with artists including Current 93 and their frontman David Tibet, the late Peter Christopherson (co-founder of Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Psychic TV), fashion designer Nasir Mazhar, film director Bruce LaBruce and artists Ron Athey, Franko B & Hector de Gregorio.

In January 2019, Othon announced the creation of his record label ‘Conscious Expansion’ with its first release planned for March 2019.